16mm Padstow black and white


“The black and white images give the air of found footage from a Maya
Deren investigation of local witchcraft. Sometimes the aesthetic
echoes the self-conscious myth-making of Ana Mendieta or Joseph Beuys;
at other times it has the resourceful DIY look of a Derek Jarman movie
or community videos from the 1970’s…(The work presents) an alchemy
that restores dignity and beauty.”  (Art Monthly review, Cherry Smyth)

“I was greatly impressed by BREADROCK at PEER. Fourthland and Fowler’s
film and the sculptural installation are impressively original
artworks in their own right. The 16mm film is much more than a
document of an exceptional community project. It pays tribute to a
place and its people with a poetic richness and texture that is
utterly captivating and one of a kind.” (Luisa Buck, contemporary art

“The artists record the performers in a series of actions and tableaux

with dignity and beauty. They are consummate image-makers.” (Caroline
Douglas, Director of Contemporary Art Society)


Interview on Folk In Her Machine, Plymouth Arts Centre.



What Lies Below, Sequence artist publication, Spring 2016.

Folk In Her Machine – ART/E/FACT journal, edition 3, Spring 2014.